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Medication Management Services

Both children and adults may receive first an evaluation (60 minutes for adults over 18 and  90 minutes for children under 18 with their parents) and then medication prescribing and follow-up.
Patients who have previously taken medication should bring medical records or a detailed list of previous medications, their effects, and side effects.
Usually medication can be prescribed after an initial evaluation unless medical or other information is needed before a safe choice can be made.
Children are seen for followup every 4-6 months. Adults on ongoing medication come at least every six months unless otherwise arranged. Medication will not be ordered if the last medication review appointment was more than one year away.
Brief phone calls can be used for dosage adjustments but not as a substitute for a medication review appointment (which is 30 minutes).


The only insurance I accept is Medicare if Medicare is primary (no advantage plans.)
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